Bill Black's Show Types & Descriptions

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The Bill Black Western Shows

The Western Shows were developed to provide the type of showcase Bill desired to allow audiences to experience poetry and mystery.

They are designed to provide insight into the ideals of the West and its role in the formation of American Character.

The shows are designed to require little set-up and take down time. This is a critical factor to many planners who must have several activities in series in the same rooms or halls. It also allows others performing in the area more time for their needs. This is especially critical when Bill is performing as a Master of Ceremonies for a show.

The shows are intended for adult audiences, as the method of presentation and messages are not designed for a pace most pleasing to younger children. Also, although both the language and topics are within the scope of day to day life and mass video entertainment, some parents are not comfortable with this in live performance with their children present.

When acting as an MC, the portions that Bill performs are shorter than in a “single performer” show. In these, small blocs from the larger, longer shows may be used. Shows with Bill as the single or major performer can range from 20 minutes to 70 minutes. The length of the show needs to be planned to meet the available performing time. It should not be significantly altered immediately prior to the show for its best presentation to an audience.

The Paradigm and Problem Solving Presentations

These presentation are designed to start with the Problem Solving and Learning and Paradigm definition blocks as a base. The presentation would then follow into the examples type components and usually include the Inevitability of Exile section.

The shortest, introductory section only presentation usually runs in the 15 to 20 minute range. A presentation of all sections should be considered as a longer, class type presentation, with approprate breaks. This would usually be customized for the audience. A portion of this time need is based on a “Question and Answer” section after the presentation.


The prices of the shows is based on the distance to your show site and the length and type of show / presentation desired. Contact me at for more information.

Promotional Items / Printing Materials

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